Press Release • Sustainability Report

Botto Giuseppe spa releases its first 2020 Sustainability Report

Vallemosso, April 2021

Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa publishes its first sustainability report: a document that attests to the ethical values and transparency handed down through the company since 1876, the year of its foundation.

Sustainability is the mindset that translates into a sustained effort at all stages of the supply chain.

Over the last 20 years, Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa has placed all its efforts in research and sustainable development in every area: product, investments, ethical, social and environmental policies. We have invested heavily in renewable energy, and energy saving has reduced our impact on the environment. We have created products from natural raw materials, processed with sustainable production processes. Today we are implementing production processes with recycled raw materials .

We continue even more purposefully on the path already mapped out, with product, woven yarn and jersey certifications (RWS, GRS, Cradle to Cradle) and participation in international projects to reduce the use of chemical products (ZDHC and Inditex). The company will continue to invest in research and in the improvement of production processes, with particular emphasis on energy saving and the use of renewable sources, and an ever-increasing focus on the values of economic, social and environmental sustainability says CeoSilvio Botto Poala 

ENERGY: The company consists of 2 plants. The Valdilana and Tarcento plants produce 100% renewable energy. The aim is for the yarn division to become totally sustainable by 2025