Press Release – A/W Collections 22-23

Pitti Filati 100%

Florence, 28 June

Botto Giuseppe has been working with noble fibres like wool and cashmere since 1876.

Wool is an ancient fibre with many natural virtues that is suitable for any use.
Cashmere conveys the concept of luxury and the highest comfort. Its performance cannot be imitated.
No matter how you consider them, wool and cashmere evoke natural values by becoming timeless raw materials.

The A/W collection 22-23 concentrates on extra-fine Slowool yarns in different measures of fineness, cashmere (also blended with wool and silk), alpaca and vicuña.

As usual, the subject of sustainability remains in the forefront, with certifications and searches for partner companies that share the same philosophy of attention towards the environment, worker health conditions and animal wellbeing.

“For us, sustainability is not just a slogan. It is a fundamental value. We work and invest to produce an excellent yarn that lasts through time using renewable energy and biodegradable raw materials. Our products may cost more, but they last longer and I believe that is the essence of consuming less but better. I don’t believe there is anything more sustainable,” said Silvio Botto Poala, CEO, to explain the company’s philosophy.

Their first sustainability report was presented in 2020 on 22 April, Earth Day. This document attests the company’s ethical and transparency values and explains many important points such as its high energy efficiency, waste management policies, how it reduces water use in its processes and its sponsorship of the Antarctica expedition to research and study the presence of microplastic particles in glaciers, which was also an occasion to test clothing made from the innovative pure silk fabric named Cocoon.

Slowool yarns are traceable, sustainable superfine wools produced ethically with special consideration for the environment. They are made from superfine mulesing-free Merino wool, with Cradle to Cradle and RWS certifications, the excellence of the Naturalis Fibra collection.

Long fibres form an extremely versatile and luxurious combed yarn with unique characteristics: this product is glossy, biodegradable, fire-resistant, insulating, elastic, soft, renewable, versatile and recyclable.

Transparency and traceability through all supply chain steps, from the original raw materials to the final product, express the essential values of the philosophy of sustainability, which dictates that environmental protection and the health of people and animals are the values of a new form of luxury.

What makes Slowool yarn special?

Origin: Australia, with selected breeders and farms that value environmental protection and animal health above all else.

Processing: produced in Italy in two highly energy efficient factories with low environmental impact, using 100% renewable hydroelectric and solar energy sources.

Certifications: Cradle to Cradle, which certifies materials and products according to safety evaluations and criteria, responsibility, and circularity by applying nature’s criteria to the industry. RWS, a quality certification of the origin of wool from controlled farms that pay particular attention to animal wellbeing, the recovery of the natural landscape, and responsible land management.

What makes our Flair yarn special?

Origin: at the Cocoa Farm in Alashan League, Inner Mongolia we find this extra soft, ultra-lightweight type of superfine cashmere.

Traceability: doing business directly with the breeders allows us to know the origin of the raw materials and assess the wellbeing of the animals and land management methods.

Certifications: Cradle to Cradle certifies materials and products according to safety evaluations and criteria, responsibility, and circularity by applying nature’s criteria to the industry.

GCS – Good Cashmere Standard® – certifies sustainable cashmere for the purpose of ensuring the care and wellbeing of the goats, also considering the living and working conditions of breeders and the protection of the surrounding environment.

The secret to making excellent products with top quality standards is collaborating with partners that share the same philosophy and commitment to converting to sustainable manufacturing processes along the entire supply chain. These companies work towards making more sophisticated and functional choices when creating perfect, elegant raw materials in line with nature, and therefore sustainable.

Wool, cashmere, alpaca, silk, and vicuna: precious noble fibres washed and blended to make solutions that share the same sophisticated and exclusive characteristics.

Vicuna is a new entry, a highly precious and rare fibre in addition to alpaca. Cashmere from the Alashan plateau is extremely fine and the Slowool yarn range includes many different degrees of fineness, an evergreen product in the Botto Giuseppe line.


Naturalis Fibra Collection

SLOWOOL 13 nm. 2/56.000 100% Mulesing Free Superfine Merino Wool 200’s
ETEREO nm. 2/48.000 40% Superfine Merino Wool 220’s– 30% Cashmere – 30% Silk
MONTEVIDEO TEC nm. 2/30 100% Extrafine total easy care Merino Wool

Classic Collection

SHUFFLE nm. 13.000 – 70% Cashmere – 30% Silk
GLAMOUR nm. 2.200 – 54% Cashmere – 46% Silk
BRUSH nm 10.000 – 72% Extrafine Merino Wool – 28% Silk
HARPY nm. 3.100 – 75% Superfine Merino Wool 140’s – 18% Silk – 5% Polyamide – 2% Elastomer
SPARKLE nm. 5.000 – 78% Cashmere – 18% Polyestere – 2% Polyamide – 2% Metallic Fibre
LIFE TEC nm. 2/28.000 – 100% Machine washable cashmere

The colours:

Shades of faded paper are nuanced with beige, clay, air force blue, mauve and greyish lilac. The melange yarns are blended and almost powdered.

A range of neutral skin tones, with hints of pink with coppery and violet accents, create a palette of interesting tactile sensations. In honour of nature and modern ecology, cool greens erupt into blues with a “City” spirit. There are also lighter and cooler greens, and brilliant and acid greens, for an ecoactive high-tech look.

Plastic, technological and almost fluorescent colours: orange, acid yellow, fuchsia, green and cornflower are spontaneous exuberant reminders of 1980s graphics.

Our Projects

Naturalis Fibra yarns in the student workshop at Milan Polytechnic

Botto Giuseppe has collaborated with 3rd year students in the Master in Knitwear e Design program at the Milan Polytechnic University to allow new generations to express themselves using precious sustainable Naturalis Fibra wool to create original and creative knitted cloth. They considered sustainability as a theme, from all angles.

“We are very satisfied with this collaboration from a stylistic standpoint, due to the techniques used, the effects, the three-dimensional structures and the truly innovative ideas,” said Silvio Botto Poala.

A filament that creates a sustainable network

This collaboration is the result of an idea from Vittorio Branchizio, the creative director of Shima Seiki Italia, to create knitwear outfits with the Slowool 16 3/80 and Fairwool 2/48 yarns from the sustainable collection Naturalis Fibra.

Botto Giuseppe yarn and the expert designs of Maglificio Ferdinanda, which works for the most prestigious international fashion houses, form the basis for this project. The three companies’ shared values are woven into the outfits presented at Pitti Filati 89: sustainability and their love for care and quality, which derive from a long tradition of workmanship and expertise.

Pitti Connect

Botto Giuseppe is on Pitti Connect digital platform, an instrument of networking and business

A sustainable company

Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa has been producing fine yarns and fa- brics since 1876. Today, the fourth generation of the family runs an international business with many of the world’s most prestigious luxury customers. More than 140 years of tradition and history are embodied in pro- ducts that combine beauty and research.

Over the years, jersey and knitting yarns have been added to the company’s range of products until the present vertical structure of the company, which produces everything from yarns to finished products, has been achieved.

Today, the ongoing challenge is to offer products with a low envi- ronmental impact, where circularity aims to become the natural process at every start and end of the production life cycle. Every year the collections are enhanced with extraordinary yarns such as Flair, Fairwool, Slowoolly which not only represent products and solutions, but an ethos of conduct.

The fabrics produced by Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa are for both men and women, and especially for the latter, with constant production volumes.
The collections of woollen fabrics blend and mix with other natural fibres such as silk, produced in the family-owned Cascami e Seta factory in Tarcento, as well as cotton, linen and bamboo

Trans-seasonal scarves in 100% cashmere, characterised by unique and exclusive workmanship, are patented by the company Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa.

The finest raw material is used: a very fine thread of the most precious cashmere in the world from Alashan in China and processed in the factories in Valle Mosso, in the province of Biella and Tarcento in the province of Udine.

Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa is an international company that operates all over the world, and with the most important international fashion companies. It targets the Italian market as well as foreign markets such as the USA, Japan, China, Korea, France and Germany