“A filament that creates a sustainable network”

We always expect great things from innovative projects.
Especially if interesting people collaborate in excellent endeavours to achieve innovation and sustainability.

This is the project “A filament that creates a sustainable network”, created by Vittorio Branchizio, designer and creative director for the Japanese company Shima Seiki Italia, a world leader in the production of knitting machines.

The network that Branchizio wants to form is a virtuous group that includes illustrious collaborators like the Lanificio Botto Giuseppe, which leads the operation by blending tradition and an interest in research with a deep green vocation that has now become an authentic corporate philosophy of sustainability. Another member of this group is Maglificio Ferdinanda, a high-ranking Italian manufacturer. For over half a century, this company has been making knitwear for the most prestigious high fashion houses in Italy.

Branchizio thinks that they have something in common: their stakeholders. We can listen to him in this video. The garments presented here were created by Branchizio with sustainable yarns, woven perfectly thanks to Shima Seiki technology. These machines weave a unique fabric that integrates the expertise of hand craftsmanship with advanced technology. Three principles regulate their success: sustainability, present in every aspect of the project; love for things that are made with excellence; and an alliance between historic companies that know how to use experience to forge their future. All this generates value and originality.

All this generates value and originality.

The project will be exhibited at Pitti Filati 28 – 30 June 2021 at the Botto Giuseppe stand.