Article — 22 Feb 2021

Feel the Yarn on the one hand, e-Milano Unica Connect on the other: for Botto Giuseppe, the season of fairs, virtual or physical, always presents two open fronts.

The common thread of the two collections is the sustainability of Naturalis Fibra, the flagship of a company that wants to become totally sustainable for the yarn section by 2025.

The yarns and fabrics collections for spring summer 2022 are based on precious raw materials with refined solutions, even in colors.

On the yarn side there are wools with very fine counts, silk, cashmere in blends or alone; undyed fibers that is presented in natural colors as a great contribution to the theme of sustainability. Slowsilk shiny silk, mixed with wool becomes Slowzen, cashmere-silk is called Fair silk, all wools in different titles are Slowool and cashmere is Natural born. And then again the cottons.

Consequently, the fabrics are declined in Slowool wool with ultra-thin micronage. For outwear, there are technical solutions for wool-based fabrics with fluoro-free water-repellent treatments. Given the situation, special antiviral and antibacterial finishes have been studied on some fabrics called Skudo. And also in summer cashmere will not be missing, of an impalpable weight.