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A fine element that has inspired many stories, such as the legend of Arianna and of Penelope, or actual experiences, as with the wool mill Lanificio Botto Giuseppe & Figli. The company makes use of the lexicon of times gone by to address today’s world and to narrate the success of a deep passion shared by the family, which has now reached the fourth generation.

This thread has become the symbol of an Italian company specialised in the production of fabrics, jersey, yarn for knitwear, needle felting, weaving and accessories that combines tradition and innovation in their business.

Unique stories centred on Made in Italy, the highest expression of a country where the culture of work is interwoven with an intrinsic sense of beauty, harmony and absolute perfection.

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In 1876, Giuseppe Botto established his wool mill in Valle Mosso, in the province of Biella. In 2016, the company celebrated 140 years of business. Today, the fourth generation of the family runs the company, attentive to the challenges of the future.

Skill, mastery and research converge in collections that interpret contemporaneity underpinned by a firm belief in a genuine and inimitable legacy. Preserving tradition entails looking ahead, continuously infusing past, present and future with innovative solutions. Yarns and fabrics created and produced in the two facilities of Valle Mosso, in the province of Biella, and Tarcento, in the province of Udine, are the heart and soul of cashmere, wool, silk, linen and cotton collections produced by exclusive spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes.

Botto Giuseppe & Figli is one of the highest expressions of the Italian manufacturing sector, where expert hands skilfully perform long and complex processes that create charming quality products for discerning clients.

The company attends all leading events in the sector.
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