We at Botto Giuseppe believe in the need to safeguard the environment and the importance of sustainability, both in the choice of raw materials and in the various phases of industrial production.

For these reasons we’ve developed NATURALIS FIBRA a new project, a single container for a range of yarns united by the common denominator of natural purity and respect for the environment.

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Knowledge of the fibre is a fundamental part of our tradition, which we express in our search for yarns that maintain the very origins of the materials they’re made of.

Following on from our experience last year in collaboration with the American brand Maiyet, in which we developed a yarn – FAIR – totally sustainable and certified Gold level by the Cradle to Cradle ® products innovation institute, this year wool is the star, declined in a wide range of concepts and counts

Slowool 2/58 o 2/80  |  Slowool light  2/48 2/30  |  Fairwool  2/30 and 2/48  |  Fair cashmere 2/28 and 2/48


All of the wool comes from sheep that have not been subjected to mulesing, reared by the Australian company Congi, specialised exclusively in producing superfine wools and with which Botto Giuseppe has signed an exclusive contract precisely because it shares the same corporate philosophy. Indeed all of the sheep are reared on controlled mulesing-free farms, and thanks to these same controls the entire territory has been awarded environmental certification, demonstrating the sustainability of the farm’s production processes.

The yarn is processed at our Tarcento establishment in Friuli, a factory powered by hydroelectric energy produced by the local dam, and vast arrays of photovoltaic panels.

Another fundamental element is dyeing. The dyes used for these wools are the product of an exceptionally strict selection process conducted by Cradle to Cradle®to guarantee yarns that are totally sustainable, ethical and rigorously natural.