We travel the world over on a quest for the finest raw material from farms that share our commitment to safeguarding the environment

In practice, our emphasis on sustainability manifests itself as a tremendous effort along the entire chain, achieving excellent results in terms of products, people and workplaces.The NATURALIS FIBRA collection yarns are sourced from selected farms in Asia and Australia and most are processed in the Cascami e Seta factory in Tarcento in the province of Udine which has been in the family since 1985.




NM: 2/48.000
COMPOSITION:100% Cashmere


NM: 2/60.000
COMPOSITION:100% Lana Merino Superfine 130's Mulesing Free

Slowool 4

NM: 7.000
COMPOSITION:100% Lana Merino Superfine 130's Mulesing Free


NM: 2/28.000
COMPOSITION:100% Cashmere


NM: 2/28.000
COMPOSITION:100% Cashmere


A new project, a unique corpus for yarn types that have in common both natural traits and an environment-friendly approach.
The Naturalis Fibra range of sustainable yarn, precisely wool, cashmere, silk and linen, is processed in the Tarcento facility, which uses only sustainable energy:hydroelectricity produced by the dam and solar energy from photovoltaic panels. 

Slowool 2/60 | Slowool light 2/48 2/30 | Bellewool 2/48 | Flairwool 2/28 e 2/48

The dyeing process is performed with sustainable dyes certified with Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate™ and Slowsilk has achieved Gold Standard.  The path of sustainability is consistent during all phases of the production line. Indeed, Botto Giuseppe has an agreement with the Australian company Congi, which is acknowledged as sustainable for many factors, such as mulesing-free sheep, paddock rotation techniques to avoid impoverishing the soil, and the use of water fountains in breeding areas and in pastures.

The agency Cradle to Cradle™ uses 5 parameters to certify production processes based on sustainability:
1. Non-toxic materials
2. Reutilisation
3. Renewable energy and corporate emissions
4. Water management
5. Social equity

Each parameter has 5 levels, namely Basic Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which are reviewed every two years. All our Naturalis Fibra yarn are Cradle to Cradle™ certified.

Sustainability: a byword for luxury.

Since 2015, the company Botto Giuseppe e Figli has firmly believed that sustainability is also a byword for today’s luxury. 
By pursuing sustainable fashion, Botto Giuseppe plans on establishing harmonious relations both with the environment
and with people in a framework of total and absolute transparency.


The facility in Tarcento, Friuli, uses hydroelectric energy produced by the dam, amounting to ca.8.000.000 KWH, thus saving 3,3376 T/YEAR of CO2. .


Extensive surfaces of the facility’s roof are tiled with photovoltaic panels. Solar energy produces 1.000.000 kWh, equivalent to ca. 420 t/year of CO2. .


The wool comes from sheep that are not subjected to mulesing. The animals are treated with respect and bred in sustainable farms in a controlled area. This type of breeding saves 8.000.000 kWh, equivalent to ca. 3,376 t/year of CO2 saved..


Yarn is dyed with carefully selected dyes and all the additional processes, underpinned by Eco intelligence Growth onsultations and based on the principles of Cradle to Cradle® Gold Standard certification, in the framework of the Fashion Positive Initiative.